I am Robert Theuws, an experienced Sales professional with over 15 years of experience in E-commerce, SaaS and Online payments.

Some terms that describe me: Leadership, closing deals, establishing long-term relationships, expert in payments and the technology behind these processes, also code language like HTML/ CSS and PHP are not unknown to me. I am at home in the world of E-commerce and have a very good knowledge of WordPress, Magento, Shopware, customer behavior, AR, Ai and web hosting + server configurations.

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Who i am.


My name is Robert Theuws, born in 1984 in a small village Valkenswaard just below Eindhoven. I am an experienced, data driven, enthusiastic Sales professional & Expert in Payments, Google advertising and the techniques behind it.

In positions as Partner & Alliance manager at Pay. and Sales & Business development manager at Sisow and Buckaroo (FinTech), I have learned to listen carefully to the customer's wants and needs in order to translate them in the right wording to our development team.

Negotiating and closing deals at the C-Level level while sparring with the development team to get the most out of an existing partnership is my unique ability which sets me apart and may take your business to the next level.

Colleagues describe me as an ambitious and open person with an energetic go-getter mentality and keen eye for analytical details. Someone who is genuinely interested in other companies and those behind them. Someone who is always looking for new challenges and wants to create growth in business but also grow on a personal level.

My interests:

  • Business Development
  • Sales & long-term relationships
  • Online Payments & Cards (FinTech)
  • Conversion optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • E-commerce & Marketplaces
  • Cloud Solutions, Hosting & VPS
  • Security Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Reality


  • When a customer thanks you for your effort and says, Thank you, it all works perfectly.
  • Getting more out of less
  • Innovation and learning new things

My Career.

My last positions in FinTech at SISOW, BUCKAROO & PAY.

PARTNER & ALLIANCE MANAGER - Pay.| 2022 - Present

PARTNER MANAGER - Buckaroo | 2020 - 2021

SALES & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER - Sisow Payments | 2018 - 2021

NEW BUSINESS MANAGER / SALES EXECUTIVE - Sisow Payments | 2017 - 2021

  • Always looking for business development opportunities within a particular area or sector.
  • Responsible for achieving growth in new markets and establishing and guiding innovative techniques.
  • Build relationships (loyalty) with existing customers to get the maximum return from them as well.
  • Driving peak performance and sales success within the organization through team coaching.
  • Create, negotiate and close commercial agreements.
  • Implement and drive strategy to achieve sales targets and increase market share based on data.

Responsible for Sisow's top 100 customers and always looking for new business.

As Partner Manager, I focused on current integrations, software and onboarding of merchants. Providing the software with new innovative methods, drafting contracts with the compliance department up to the onboarding of the first merchant. Regular meetings and events are also part of this job.

Some of the parties I have worked with as Partner manager are: Worldline, Klarna, in3, SprayPay, AfterPay, KBC bank, Belfius bank, Rabobank, Twikey and ING.

In 2021, Sisow was taken over by Buckaroo. Supervising the takeover took 6 months. The working methods, customers, partners and ICT staff were informed and the relationship managers had a number of "trainings" which were also my last activities. In May 2021 I started a new adventure. Project ORANGE.




OrangeWebmedia started with the goal of introducing a new service to the market that allows SME to make use of high end software without large investment and thus continue to compete with the larger parties in the field of e-commerce such as and Amazon.

OrangeWebmedia consists of a number of services:

  • Web hosting (OrangeWebhosting)
  • Web design (OrangeWebsites)
  • Network and Security (OrangeNetwork, OrangeDNS, OrangeICT)
  • Offering fully-equipped marketplaces such as Thuisbezorgd, Amazon, Werkspot and (OrangeMarket)
  • Linking live supply and demand for business transportation services like UBER does for individuals. In short, Orange can be used in almost any industry.

Meanwhile, OrangeWebmedia is an official partner of Google, Amazon, Digital Ocean, TransIP, Cloudways, Cloudflare, Sectigo, McAfee and Envato. By creating smart data links and automated systems, we can currently provide a fully automated service where the customer establishes a domain and 10 minutes later, if chosen, can fill a web shop with products live instantly on 100+ Market Places such as Amazon, AliExpress, EBay and The links are made, the partnerships are in place so the client can hook in/subscribe at any level. From automatic bidding strategies to direct debit payments (SEPA direct Debit) at European level, both business and private through online authorizations.


  • Offering fully equipped (multi vendor) market places such as Amazon and where the customer can enable and disable modules (API connections) themselves.
  • Live supply and demand linking of transportation services through an APP like UBER does for Taxis.
  • Provide an alternative in APP/ website form of for local restaurants, sandwich bar and lunchrooms etc.
  • Marketplace where freelancers or students can offer services in the niche of Internet marketing, content writing and translation.



NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences | Leisure management

Bachelor of Business administration (NIMA A/B) degree obtained.
Propedeuse obtained in 2006 - Diploma obtained in 2009

NHTV Breda Academy for Leisure | Imagineering

An imagineer is a designer of organizational development from the meaning and experience perspective.
Additional module on Leisure management.

ROC Eindhoven | MBO Trade and Marketing

Entrepreneur/manager retail (level 4) diploma obtained in 2004

Were Di Valkenswaard | MAVO

Subjects: Dutch, English, German, French, economics and mathematics
All at D level. Diploma obtained in 2002

Courses & Training
    • 2022 i-KYC - Cyber Security (Business Integrity)
    • 2022 Google Ads display certification
    • 2022 Anti-Bribery & Corruption
    • 2020 Wwft Awareness - Ministry of Comliance
    • 2020 Customer Due Diligence (CDD) & combating money laundering
    • 2011 Online Course by Karel Geenen Google Analytics
    • 2010 Online Course by Karel Geenen Google Adwords
    • 2006 Sales training by Kenneth Smith - Expert in sales
    • 2004 HACCP course
    • 2002 BAAT Training



"I think a personalized approach and approach is the key to success these days." Google and Amazon have been implementing personal recommendations into their existing systems for years.
Special skills


The user must feel that it is all about him. There should be no distractions and everything should be "smooth." The user should see only what is tailored to his or her needs.



I am Licenced partner of, among others:
  • codegaurd logo
  • DigitalOcean logo
  • geotrust logo
  • norton
  • Digital ocean partner
  • sectigo_partner
  • sitelock
  • Digicert logo
  • woocommerce partner
  • WordPress_partner
  • google partner
  • google analytics
  • google shopping
  • semrush
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