🤝 Partner Manager | Alliance Manager 🌐

As Partner Manager, I am dedicated to building and maintaining strategic alliances and partnerships to achieve business objectives. My role is focused on developing sustainable partnerships that add value to both our organization and those of our partners.



Partnership development: Identify and establish new partnerships that align with our business strategy and growth objectives.

Relationship Management: Maintain strong relationships with existing partners, and serve as the primary point of contact for collaborative initiatives.

🔗 Collaboration strategy: Develop strategy for collaborations, including establishing shared goals and managing implementation plans.

📈 Performance monitoring: Evaluate partnership performance against KPIs and continuous optimization of collaboration initiatives.

📑 Contract negotiation: Negotiate contracts and agreements to ensure mutual interests and legal compliance.



🤔 Strategic Thinking: Able to develop long-term strategies that benefit both our organization and partners.

🤝 Excellent Communication: Strong communication skills to effectively negotiate, persuade and collaborate with various stakeholders.

🌍 International Cooperation: Experience in managing partnerships internationally, with an understanding of different markets and cultures.

💼 Results-oriented: Focused on achieving measurable results and encouraging growth through effective collaboration.


Scope of work and some references:
- Digital Agency (Bluebird Day, Itonomy, Batao, Omines, Optimizers, Ecomwise, Qubix, Dashed, Sherphaan).
- POS partners (Prestop, QX Software, Artimedez).
- Ticketing (Coinmonster, Ticketpayments, Ticketpatron).
- Strategic partners (Twikey, All united KNLTB club software, Returnless, Returnista, Woosa).

Always looking for opportunities and possibilities to realize Growth!

As Partner Manager, I am committed to creating valuable synergies and increasing our joint successes. Let's work together for growth and innovation! 🚀